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Blair Johnson, Health and Wellness Coach

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  • Your Pets and You are happy, joyful, and playful – together.
  • Feeling that you know exactly what choices to make for better health-together.
  • Living together as long as possible with Better Nutrition for the WHOLE FAMILY

  • Having the energy to be productive all day and still have energy left over when you walk through your home door to pay attention to your pets they way you REALLY want to and they need you to be?
  • Wanting to move your body because it feels so good.
  • Getting past the confusion, anxiety and the unknown of how to help your pet (or you) beyond what the doctor/vet.

favicon-iphoneYou and your pet’s lifestyle are very intertwined. How you live and how you pet live are similar. Health is more about what you are/aren’t eating – it’s also what your Thinking, Saying and Doing. Did you know that when your stressed it affects your animals too? And when you are nervous, happy, excited or sad…they pick up on it. How you’re eating is probably similar too.

You LOVE your pets and want them to be around for a long long time. And guess what – they want YOU around too. When you don’t have time or energy to spend time with your pets it hurts their health – and Yours too. They want you to play and spend time together. But you can’t do that if you don’t know the right choices to make for your health. When we work together – you learn the exact steps to take to make the right choices for food, supplements and how to get healthier together.

Your pets depend on you. They look to you to give them the best…because that’s what they give to you! Isn’t it time to find out how you can have your pets around longer?

But You don’t know what to do!!

And you have no idea where you would begin to make any changes
much less find the time to do them.

  • To know what foods work for you and not against you and your pets.
  • What products are slowly poisoning your pets!
  • To both lose a little weight.
  • To like you have SEVERAL options for health care beyond what the doctors/vets may offer.
  • Easy actionable steps that fit into your life seamlessly and produce big results.
  • To have the best accountability partners- You and your pet.

  • There is a way to live together longer with your pet
  • Some small changes in nutrition can lead to big results to promote better health.
  • You do have time for playtime and feel good moments with your pets.
  • You can enjoy quick, healthy, delicious food with the best ingredients.
  • Nobody is going to go and exercise for you. (I would have found them by now!)
  • You already have the best accountability partners right in your home.
  • When you are stress/emotional – it affects your pets too.
  • You can make a choice – to DO Something or Do Nothing.
  • You can achieve amazing things, easily, quickly and while having fun.
  • You want to have your pets around for as long as possible.
  • I can help you with all of this and more!

I’m Blair Johnson

I show busy, stressed out professionals how to increase their energy so they can optimize their daily performanceI’m an Expert at making Pets & Their Peoples feel Amazing Together.

As a Certified Wellness Transformational coach, Nutritional Consultant and  Herbalist that can get you and your pet – healthy – together – easily.

With a certificate in Holistic Care for Companion Animals – I’ve learned a variety of Holistic methods for getting and keeping you and your pets healthy – beyond what you are eating (or not eating). Holistic care is more than just food. It is treating the whole body in ways that can make a big impact on your health.

If you want to have your fur baby around for as long as possible – I’m your girl

Look, life is confusing – you feel like you are out of control when trying to figure out the best food, treats, supplements and other items that are good for you and not slowly poisioning your pets (and YOU too!) I help you be in control and know the EXACT RIGHT CHOICES so you don’t have to think about it and you can find your health easily. You want to be healthy. You want your Pets to be healthy. You want to exercise together and share special moments. You want to have quality time with your family – your WHOLE family. You want to be happy.

But How?

I am on a mission to help Pets & their Peoples Live together Longer.  I am on a mission to help you gain knowledge on what ingredients to have in your food and which ones to avoid. I’m on a mission organize your day so you are not overwhelmed and exhausted and have time with your pets. I am on a mission to help you learn alternative health products that can enhance the health and well being of you and your pets. I am on a mission to help you find your happiness and live a healthy, joyful, thriving life with your pet – Together – Longer.

Ready To Get Started?

The first thing is a Conversation.

Looking forward to working with you and showing you a how to live a Healthy, Happy, Thriving Life starting TODAY!