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Eat, Learn, Thrive Way

Let's transform the way you eat, feel, and live!

I’m Blair Johnson

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Eat Learn Thrive!

Let’s transform the way you eat, feel and live!

Blair Johnson Houston, TX 713-826-7502

Blair Johnson, Health and Wellness Coach


  • No diets!
  • Easy exercise!
  • No deprivation!
  • Small changes!
  • Big results!
  • Easy, actionable steps that fit into YOUR lifestyle


  • You are happy, joyful, and playful – and are laughing.
  • Feeling that you can and will be able to maintain your stress and be more productive.
  • Being able to easily manage any curve ball that is thrown in your direction.

  • Having the energy to be productive all day and still have energy left over when you walk through your home door.
  • Wanting to move your body because it feels so good.
  • Getting a great night sleep and waking up ready to face the day rather than the hit snooze button…again. (And again. Aaaaand one more time.)

favicon-iphoneAre you tired all the time? Can’t seem to break the vicious cycle? You work too much. You are so busy and you can’t get it all done. You are overwhelmed all the time. You can’t sleep at night. You can’t get up in the morning. Face it – You live off jumbo size coffee, greasy fast food gut bombs, energy drinks and sugar. You have no idea how to cook or what to cook.

You never make the time to exercise. You don’t have time or energy to spend time with your kids, your spouse, pets or friends.  You get home late and all you want to do is pour yourself an adult beverage (or 3!) and relax on the couch. At bedtime you are wide awake because of the late afternoon coffee pick me up and can’t sleep. When the alarm goes off you start the same routine again tomorrow.

You want to feel better but you are so caught up in your trap that you see no way out. So you just keep going on the hamster wheel – going around and around – faster and faster but not really getting anywhere.

It Never Stops!!

And you have no idea where you would begin to make any changes
much less find the time to do them.

  • To know what foods work for you and not against you.
  • To feel energized!
  • To lose weight but hate diets.
  • To feel in control of life, of stress, of your choices.
  • Easy actionable steps that fit into your life seamlessly and produce big results.
  • You want more time to do what you want to do.

  • There is a way to find your path, to reach your goals and achieve your dreams.
  • You can do anything you set your mind to.
  • You do have time for family, pets, friends and yourself.
  • You can enjoy quick, healthy, delicious food that doesn’t take a long time to prepare.
  • Nobody is going to go and exercise for you. (I would have found them by now!)
  • When you have happiness – it lifts you up.
  • When you are overwhelmed – it beats you down.
  • You can make a choice – to DO Something or Do Nothing.
  • You can achieve amazing things.
  • You have to find it within yourself to make the change-but are sure how.
  • I can help you with all of this and more!

I’m Blair Johnson

I show busy, stressed out professionals how to increase their energy so they can optimize their daily performanceI’m a Health and Wellness coach, Nutritional Consultant and Herbalist that can get you out of your vicious cycle!

I show busy, stressed-out professionals how to increase their energy so they can optimize their daily performance while improving their work/life balance without feeling overwhelmed all the time!

Look, life is stressful – you feel like you are out of control and want to be back in control. You want to be able to handle situations that come up and take them in stride rather than breaking down and thinking “I will never get this done”.  You want to be healthy. You want to exercise. You want to have quality time with your family and friends. You want to be happy.

But How? And When?

I am on a mission to help you find that energy you have lost. I am on a mission to help you organize your day so you are not overwhelmed and exhausted. I am on a mission to help you choose the right foods to fulfill your soul and not drain your soul. I am on a mission to help you find your happiness and live a healthy, joyful, thriving life.

Ready To Get Started?

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Looking forward to working with you and showing you a how to live a Healthy, Happy, Thriving Life starting TODAY!

Looking forward to working with you and showing you a how to live a Healthy, Happy, Thriving Life starting TODAY!